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Club History

In 1992 the Stoke Spitfires disbanded, leaving Staffordshire without an American Football team for the first time in 8 years.

Six of the former Spitfires players played for the Chester Romans the following year, and this experience ignited the ex-Spitfires’ enthusiasm to start a new team in Staffordshire.

The new team was formed as a members’ club, and with the addition of former players of the South Cheshire Refugees, they started training in January of 1994. An initial hard-core of ten players slowly grew to a squad of twenty-five, and under Head Coach Anthony Athersmith the team began to gel together.

After much discussion the membership voted to name the club “Staffordshire Surge” and the team was then accepted into the British Senior League Division IV for the inaugural season.

Most of the credit for the formation and following success of the Surge must be given to then Chairman Geoff Lowe and his wife Debbie Lowe, for their enthusiasm and persistence to bring American football back to Staffordshire.

Check out our season records from 1994 onwards below:
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